Packing Your Trunki For A Christmas Getaway!

Family holidays are great fun, but lots of traveling can be unsettling for young children so it’s important to make sure they have a few familiar things to help them feel settled while away from home.

Whether you’re visiting family over the Christmas holidays or going somewhere a little further afield, Trunki is the perfect travel companion for your little adventurer. We asked parenting blogger, Aby Moore, founder of popular lifestyle blog, You Baby, Me Mummy to adopt one of our little Frieda the cow Trunki cases into her family and share her advice on packing your Trunki for those festive family trips.

Frieda and Baby’s Christmas adventures!

You Baby Me Mummy is an award winning Parenting & Lifestyle blog. I am a tea drinking, photography obsessed wife, and mummy to a little girl ‘Baby’. Believe me, no-one puts Baby in the corner! Our blog is about making memories and I write about everything that interests us as a family.

Christmas can be a really hectic time. For us, dropping all the presents off, visiting friends and family  before Christmas takes a fair amount of time and organisation. I usually find going away with Baby quite stressful. I tend to try to pack everything she owns (just in case!) and find myself filling the car up with random carrier bags!

With a trip to friends on the horizon, the lovely people at Trunki sent Baby her very own Trunki. We chose Frieda Cow, because she is awesome!

This trip was staying in the South and we had to make a few stops to drop off gifts, before we got to our final destination. I always think it is a good idea to take some personal items with the child when going to new places, so that they feel secure, not just the essential clothes. Although Baby is quite confident, lots of different houses can be unsettling for little ones, so having a few things from home can be reassuring. Our first task was to pack Baby’s Trunki. I would like to say Baby helped but….

Baby didn’t really care for packing and spent a large proportion of time taking things back out of the case, which must have been exhausting, as she soon decided to have a little sit down and observe Mummy packing. Until Mummy tried to pack Doc McStuffins, that is, then she decided that Doc shouldn’t go in the case, but ride on Frieda instead. Okay!…. She did love that Mummy could lock her case and she had the key with her on the strap, as she LOVES keys. She had lots of fun saddling up Frieda with the saddlebags, that are a free gift with Frieda and her friends.

Once the Trunki was filled with a few essentials and extra goodies it was time to get ready and set off.

Baby insisted that Frieda travel with her on the back seat, who am I to argue! You can fit a lot in the Trunki, but it doesn’t take up much room in the car, which is great when you have prams and other paraphernalia to take with you.

By the time we arrived at our first stop Baby and Frieda were inseparable. As the journey progressed, it was great for Baby to have something to focus on, whilst we were in and out of different houses dropping off gifts.

She was very keen to take Frieda to meet her friends!

She thought it was fabulous that she could ride Frieda and enjoyed showing EVERYONE what a great steed Frieda was! It certainly gave Baby something to do when the boring grown ups were chatting.

When we are at home Baby loves to drive her ride-on car around. Obviously, it is not possible to take her car with her on trips, but that’s the joy of the Trunki, as she will happily scoot around on Frieda wherever we are.

You can read more about Baby’s adventures over on the You Baby, Me Mummy blog, and if you’re planning to head off on your own travel adventure this Christmas, grab your Trunki suitcase from our website now, with 14 cute characters to choose from!

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