Pancake Day: The best ways to make pancakes with your little ones

With the 16th February crêpe-ing up on us, it’s time to get prepared for one of the most fantastic foodie days of the year! Pancake Day is ideal for getting the kids active in the kitchen, while having heaps of fun in the process. So - jump in your kitchen overalls and butter the kids up with some of our simple and enjoyable Shrove Tuesday ideas.

Pancake painting

Let’s be honest - even with a drizzle of golden syrup, pancakes can look slightly bland. To add some vibrancy to your creations, bring together some food colouring, unused paintbrushes and syrup for the kids and start painting! It might not be Picasso, but using pancakes as a blank canvas can lead to some surprisingly creative results.

Off to the races

Shrove Tuesday is a tradition that has been continuing for at least a thousand years. As you can imagine, the day is packed with tradition. One of those traditions is pancake racing! We’d suggest organising a day out in the park as a family and bringing along your pancakes and frying pans. When you’ve laid out your race track, your kids will have to race to the finish line while flipping their pancakes at least three times - it’s not as easy as it sounds!

Pancake tossing

As another Pancake Day tradition, pancake tossing is flipping fun! When you’re in the kitchen cooking up your pancakes, test your little one’s flipping skills with a straightforward competition. After a couple of practice rounds, whoever flips their pancake the most in one minute gets first dibs on the sprinkles! Of course - it’s always important to keep safety at the top of your priorities, so make sure everything’s nice and cool before playing.

The main event

We’ve saved the best till last - pancake making. Pancakes are one of the easiest foods to cook with your little ones and are a great way to introduce the kids to the kitchen environment. With safety in mind, create some paper chef hats and give your children some control over their own pancakes. That’s only half of the fun too: with a huge variety of sprinkles, syrups and chocolate on the table, you and the kids can come up with some crazy creations!

Shrove Tuesday is always one of the most enjoyable days of childhood. Whether you and the family are flipping for fun or knee deep in delicious chocolatey combinations, we hope you have a happy Pancake Day!

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