Pippin The SnooziHedz & Bristol Zoo Animal Conservation!

You’ve all been introduced to the adorable Animal SnooziHedz, and should know by now that for every SnooziHedz sold, 50 pence will be donated to a relevant charitable cause.

The sales of Pippin the Penguin SnooziHedz in particular will help support the penguin conservation project run by Bristol Zoo. These African penguins are threatened in the wild and are in a co-ordinated conservation breeding programme supported by Trunki.

Of course, you can find a bunch of these wonderful penguins at Bristol Zoo. Please take a few moments to watch the video below to find out how they help protect penguins in South Africa.


If you’d like to find out more detail about the conservation project, please visit the Bristol Zoo website www.bristolzoo.org.uk which has a wealth of information about all the fantastic work they do.

To check out the cheeky SnooziHedz, including Pippin and his friends, click here. 

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