Practical Pre-School Award Winners!

Great news! We’ve won 2 Practical Pre-School Awards! Read below to find out more.



Award: Gold

Age range: 3-6 years

Score: 94.6%

What the testers said:

“The PaddlePak has a great design, the children loved it and it appealed to all ages. The material is waterproof, lightweight and very soft for children to wear comfortably on their backs. The backpack is a good size with plenty of room for a towel and swimwear and the zip pocket is perfect for securing items. A fantastic item for promoting independence.”


Animal SnooziHedz

Award: Silver

Age range: 24 months +

Score: 89.2%

What the testers said:

“A great blanket and pillow, perfect for travelling. It is not limited to a car, as it is so small and compact that you can take it on a train, plane or boat. We absolutely loved the pocket for the child’s teddy- a unique design we had not seen before. The blanket washes well.”


We want your opinion!

Do you own a PaddlePak or SnooziHedz? Please leave your opinion on them in the comments box below :o)

For more information on the Practical Pre-School Awards, click here.

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