Preparing Your Child For A Family Vacation With Trunki!

If your child could pack their own suitcase, their idea of holiday essentials would probably be quite different from yours! You probably don’t want to give your little explorer full control over their packing, but sitting down with them and doing a spot of creative role play before you travel can be a great way to prepare them for a trip. It can help them understand what the journey will involve and what sort of exciting things will happen when they reach their destination, and Trunki is the perfect travel companion to get them excited!

When we found out that one of our favourite bloggers, Zena Goldman, was planning a trip to New York with her family, we thought our new Tony the Taxi Trunki would be the perfect travel companion to help her daughter prepare for their adventure. Here’s a hilarious insight into holiday packing through the eyes of a 4 year old! Zena is also giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own Taxi Trunki over on her blog.

When Trunki found out I was going to be going to New York they had a brilliant idea. They very kindly offered to send Princess their brand new ride on suitcase, Tony The Taxi. They thought it would be a fantastic way of involving her in planning for the trip and make her feel apart of what was going on. I had to agree, it was a brilliant idea and I couldn’t wait for the New York taxi to arrive!

Tony The Taxi immediately fuelled Princess’s imagination. We have an hour a day when her little sister takes a nap and we can do an activity together. She really enjoys this focused attention from me so I like to make the most of it in our daily schedule.

We talked about where her Mummy and her big brother were going. We explored the idea of going to another country and how we would get there. We decided going on Tony The Taxi wasn’t a very good option and that perhaps a plane would get us there quicker.

Tony The Taxi comes with some really cool stickers, and this helped us talk about the places Mummy and teen were going to be visiting. There was a picture of the Statue Of Liberty and the Empire State Building, which were both on our travel itinerary.

The really fun part for Princess was packing her Trunki ride on suitcase with all the things she would take for a trip to New York.  She searched for all her favourite things to see if they would fit in her suitcase and she came up with this definitive list of what a preschooler needs in New York City.

What A Preschooler Would Pack For New York City

  • A duck for the bath
  • Swimming costume even in February
  • A Torch – because they are useful
  • Lots of toys
  • A ball
  • Some shoes
  • More toys
  • A story  – I’ll Only Need One
  • My favourite pyjamas

As no clothes for the daytime have entered the suitcase yet, I offer a little promoting at this point.

  • Oh Yes, Some Clothes!
  • Socks are handy too
  • I might want to wear a cardigan as well
  • Don’t forget some pants
  • A dress is essential, maybe I’ll need 2
  • Leggings because they are comfy

I asked Princess to have a quick think about what she did in the morning…

  • I’ll need a Toothbrush

This didn’t last long before more interesting things were being packed again…

  • Another ball
  • Magnetic animals
  • I won’t need any money, as there is some stuck to my taxi already!
  • A brick
  • A magnifying glass
  • A mirror because I like looking at myself
  • A shoe lace – just in case
  • Another mirror – I like to look at myself a lot
  • Some keys
  • Toy airplane – because we are flying obviously
  • A tea cup
  • A purse
  • A stop-go sign for crossing the road
  • More bricks

This activity was really fun for the both of us.  It gave me the opportunity to talk to Princess about going away using a fun imaginative game.  This helped her understand a lot more about the holiday.  She had a lot of fun packing her taxi, and she can’t wait to take it on her next trip to Fuengirola with Mummy.  I might have to take over the packing though!

Trunki Giveaway

Zena’s Suitcase is also offering readers the chance to win their very own Tony The Taxi for their travel hungry little ones.  If you would like to get your hands on this super cool New York taxi suitcase and have the best accessory at the airport, all you need to do is head to the Zena’s Suitcase blog to enter.


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