15 Rainy Day Activities with Trunki

rainy day activities with Trunki

Spring weather and April showers means coming up with lots of rainy day activities to entertain the kids. We’ve put together a list to keep you going through the unpredictable British weather so whatever the day throws at you, you’ve got it covered.


1. Paper planes

Whether you’re stuck at home or trying to keep them busy in a cafe, paper planes are portable, fun, and easy to create. Download our template and get your kids creating their own paper plane design. The more colourful the better. 

Then see which one flies the furthest, the fastest or can even do a loop-the-loop. Share your videos and planes with us over on Instagram and TikTok. We’d love to see what you create.


2. Pasta painting

Grab some paint, cover all the surfaces and get your kids painting dried pasta. Add some biodegradable glitter on while the paint is still wet and let it dry. Then use the pasta to make jewellery, decorate a picture with them or chuck them all in your Trunki or TeeBee and create a new musical instrument.


 3. Build the biggest tower of blocks

Get out your building blocks, like Lego and see who can build the tallest tower. The best part, of course, is knocking it all over at the end. Scoop them up and chuck them in your Trunki out of the way.


4. Puddle splashing

Sometimes the best thing to do in the rain is wrap up well and go enjoy it anyway. See who can make the biggest splash or find the longest puddle. Remember, there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.


5. Make a den

Rather be listening to the rain than standing in it? Make an indoor den. Grab a couple of chairs and a sheet. Drape the sheet over the chairs and fill with cushions. Perfect for eating snacks, telling stories or waiting for the rain to pass.


6. Get the dough out

Crack out the play dough and turn your kitchen table in to a cafe, jungle, snail colony or shop. Grab the cookie cutters and rolling pins for extra play doh fun.


7. Create a treasure hunt

Bury some treasure (like a snack) in your Trunk and then leave clues around the house for your child to go on a treasure hunt to find it. Either create a map to the treasure or leave a trail of clues with picture of where the next clue is hidden.

If your child is learning to read, you can use this to help them read the names of each location.

8. The floor is lava

Perhaps the best childhood game but layout an obstacle course of cushions and pillows for your child to cross without touching the floor. Complete it in seconds? Make it harder each time and remind them that the floor is lava.


9. Baking

When in doubt get the baking gear out. Kids love making cookies and cakes but most of all, they love licking the bowl. Gingerbread is a great way to get them baking as they can have fun rolling out the dough and cutting it into shapes.


10. Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Grab all the teddies and lay out a rug. Make an indoor picnic complete with finger food. Perfect for lunch on rainy days.


11. Puppet show

Get your little one to create a puppet show using their teddies or playdoh creations. You can even use your Trunki as a stage. Film the show on your phone and if you share it on social media, tag us in it. We’d love to see it.


12. Day time disco

Close the curtains and turn on the music for a day time disco. Bonus points for dressing up and dancing like no one is watching. See who has the best dance moves and even put together a dance routine.


13. Blow football

Scrunch up a ball of paper and pop it in the middle of a table or your TeeBee. Grab two straws and the first person to blow the football to the other person’s side, wins. Ready, steady, blow! 


14. Balloon Tennis

Blow up a balloon and see how long you can keep it in the air while batting it to each other. Need more of a challenge? Add more balloons.


15. Play the ‘what’s missing’ game

Put ten different toys in your Trunki. Get your kid to look at what’s in there for a minute and then remove one from the Trunk without them seeing (use the lid to cover up which toy you’re taking out). Then get them to guess what’s missing.

Take it in turns to remove something from your Trunki and see if your child is better than you at this memory game.
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