Recycling Trunki Products With Children’s Scrap Store!

For some time now we’ve been working with Children’s Scrap Store, a fantastic charity that collects safe waste from businesses which can be re-used as a low cost creative resource by their member groups.

The charity collects our used/returned/can’t be re-sold stock from Trunki HQ and the warehouse, which then go on to be used for all sorts of creative projects for and by children.


Children’s Scrap Store are a Bristol based children’s charity that is passionate about helping children’s groups deliver cost effective and abundant resources to children. They are passionate about art and crafts, outdoor and indoor play and bringing more play and creativity into the home, school and play places, in short, anywhere that play happens.

The amazing thing about a scrapstore is that they collect business waste (or scrap), which is safe for re-use and offer it to groups supporting or delivering services to children for a small donation. It means that children get masses to play with, to be creative with and to explore their own processes and development with. It also means that groups delivering services can offer more, do more and stay alive as most are run by people on a shoestring.

To find out more about the charity, or if you’d like to get involved yourself, please visit their website You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook!

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