Save £100’s On Car Hire Charges With Trunki BoostApak!

Taking a trip abroad with the family doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but as many people with young kids will tell you, hidden costs can start to mount up. One of the main things to catch parents out once they arrive at their destination is the price of hiring car booster seats for their children.

Now, it’s worth pointing out here – booster seats are not only important to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable during a car journey, but UK law requires that ALL children under 12 years old or 135cm in height use a booster seat. So it’s essential to always have one with you when traveling by car or taxi.

Most car companies do provide booster seats at additional cost, but even if you’re organised enough to get everything booked in advance, it’s still going to be expensive.

We did a bit of research into the average costs of hiring booster seats for a family of two children on a two-week holiday…

  • Advantage – £82 per seat per week = £328
  • National Car Hire – £41 per seat per week = £164
  • Avis – £39 per seat per week = total £156

On average, children require a booster seat for around six years. So if the family we described above goes on one two-week holiday a year, they could be spending as much as £1,968 during that time.

How much could they save with a Trunki BoostApak? Let’s do the maths… BoostApak costs £45, so for a one off spend of just £90, our family could have saved £1,878. Just think, you could take the family on another holiday with all that spare cash! ;-)

What makes the Trunki BoostApak so unique is that it also doubles up as a rucksack that’s ideal for airline hand luggage, making it the perfect portable car travel accessory for home and abroad. Check out this handy review video on YouTube if you want to see BoostApak in action.

You can purchase your Trunki BoostApak direct from our website with free delivery and we’re offering a special 20% discount until the end of July – just enter the code: BOOSTASAVE!

 Want to know more, check out the reviews on Amazon…

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