Snap it Up: Five ways to enjoy photography with your kids

Encouraging your kids to take up photography is a great way to support creativity and fun! Whether it’s a walk round the woods or running around the house, nowhere is off limits for some snaps. Here’s a few of our top tips to help you enjoy photography with your kids:

Set up a tick sheet

While you’re on your walks, create a list of objects and animals on a tick sheet for your toddler. You can challenge them to photograph a bird, cow or even a type of plant. Not only does set goals make photography more fun, it also encourages children to interact with nature and increase their interest in the great outdoors.

Get writing

This is a two-in-one! A good way of developing your child’s understanding of their own pictures is to have them concentrate on the smaller details. Set up a pen and paper and ask your youngster to write a story about their picture. This will encourage them to focus on their own photograph and adds another dimension to their photography, while also improving their writing skills.

The rule of thirds

While you clearly won’t expect your child to become the Piccasso of photography immediately, teaching them the basics can still be useful. The rule of thirds is definitely a good place to start. Show your youngster the difference between off-centre pictures and centred pictures and see if you can push them to replicate. This foundational knowledge can be really helpful from a young age, with part of the enjoyment of photography coming from learning.


One of the biggest joys many people take out of photography is being able to share their snaps with friends and family. Kids aren’t any different! Why not set up a blog with all your child’s photos? Private or public, the happiness from sharing pictures is an essential part of the photography experience. When those reactions come in, the look on your child’s face will be priceless.

Encourage creativity

We think this is the most important tip of them all. If you’re not pushing the creativity of your child, you’re doing something wrong! Encourage them to find objects and focal points they’re fascinated with, while practising with all the different effects that come with their camera. The more your little one experiments, the more fun the experience will be.

Photography is a fantastic pathway into enjoying more creative time with your kids. Keep incorporating it into daily activities, while encouraging those creative interests and you’ll have a lot of fun!

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