Spooky Special: Five Ways To Have A Scream With The Kids On Halloween!

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble – Halloween is a time for witches, ghouls, ghosts, spectres and everything in between! However, we’d rather your kids were screaming with fun than with horror! So, we’ve come up with five ways we think your kids will have a spookily good time!

Pumpkin: from start to finish

Nothing says Halloween quite like a pumpkin! So, why not try enjoying this seasonal fruit (yep, it’s a fruit, people!) from start to finish. There are plenty pumpkin patches across the country and we’re sure your little terrors will love picking out their own pumpkin for Halloween!

A pumpkin patch is a suitably spooky sight for the occasion, the pumpkins grow directly out of the ground as if they are ready to be plucked for the festivities. Once your little terrors have picked out a pumpkin, it’s time to head back to the house and decorate it! Getting your pumpkin from a patch before you decorate it is the best way to have an authentic Halloween experience.

Halloween costume scavenger hunt

Of all the Halloween traditions, dressing up is probably the favourite for little ones. Try putting a different twist on it by having a costume scavenger hunt! Hide your little monster’s costume in different places around the house and garden, then leave clues which will lead them to each hiding spot. This could be things like: “I’m a spooky creature that people fear, I have eight eyes and eight legs, a place in the garden is where I make my bed, you’ll find your next item here”, which would be a clue for a spider in the shed, where you’ve hidden a piece of their costume! Your kids will have a scream trying to find their Halloween costume is various spooky spots about the house!

Spooky charades

Charades is a party classic and spooking it up is a great way to make a Halloween party game! Write down some Halloween hints on cards and have the whole family take turns to act them out. Your little terrors will love ‘walking like a zombie’ or ‘flying on a witch’s broom’! You can take it one step further by splitting into teams, and the first team to get five points, for example, could get to play a Halloween trick on the other players – putting their hand into slime or feeding them a sour-sweet, for example! This is a great way for the whole family to have a hoot and really get into the fun of pretending to be some creepy characters!

Bobbing (for more than) apples

This is another Halloween classic that involves a large tub of water, some apples and lots of fun! For those that haven’t played, you must get the apples by bobbing your head into the tub of water and getting it out just using your teeth. You can try to vamp this activity up to a but by having apples with numbers written on them. The numbers could relate to a party prize, or they could indicate the number of seconds everybody has to find a hiding spot for a spooky game of hiding and seek! The options are endless, and as long as you’ve got a tub, water, apples, imagination and some little horrors ready for some fun, you’ll have a ‘howl’ of time!

Halloween movie marathon

Some of the best kid’s films of all time are Halloween films, so get ready for a movie marathon! You can make this even more fun by turning it into a ghoulish game! There are lots of ways of doing this, but here’s a couple of rules we think are frighteningly fun: Every time that a witch cackles, everybody has to get up and spin around three times to spot her from jumping through the TV(!) Another good one: Every time you see a spider, the first person to shout ‘web!’ gets a Halloween sweet-treat! Your little trick-or-treat troop will have a hoot with a Halloween movie marathon!  

Halloween is a great opportunity for fancy dress and getting silly with your little monsters! The more you get into this horror-filled holiday, the more frightening fun you’ll have. We hope that our five activities will help to set you up for a spookily spectacular time on Halloween with your little terrors!

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