The Adventures Of Benny The Cat Trunki!

Since his arrival at Trunki HQ, our little Benny the Cat Trunki has been a busy boy… He’s been rolling around the office chasing all the other Trunki cases, posing for photos, giving press interviews (with a cat translator of course) and generally getting up to mischief. He’s even had a batch of cookies specially designed in his likeness!

Of course, like the rest of our Trunki troop, Benny loves any excuse to travel, so we thought it was time to take him out into the big wide world on a little adventure to meet some of the fluffy residents at our local animal sanctuary.

We tried to take lots of pictures, but it turns out that convincing a bunch of wriggly kittens to stay still for a photoshoot was harder than we thought!

We’d like to say a big thank you to the lovely folk at Holly Hedge, UK and all their fluffy friends for letting us come and play!

“Nice and roomy, plenty of space for snoozing!”

“Lets see how many kittens can fit in a Trunki!”

“Are you going to make me a famous internet kitty?”

“Huuum, you look like a cat, but where’s all your fluff?”

“Ready for a little Trunki ride!”



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