Tip Top Shape: How to get your kids caring about their health

Whether it’s what to eat or how to stay fit, teaching your kids the do’s and don’ts of life is what being a parent is all about. After a tough year, there’s never been a more important time to get your tots caring about their health. To get the ball rolling, we’ve come up with a few ways to help your kids pay attention and boost their own wellbeing.

Get cooking

A healthy body means a healthy diet - simple. If you can start drilling the importance of eating right into your tot’s head from an early age, you’ll be setting them up for life. Invite them into the kitchen every so often and let them choose the recipe they want to cook. Give them as many safe jobs as you can and keep chatting them through the process. Whether it’s a healthy pasta dish or some basic fish and veggies, helping your kids get to grips with cooking will keep them away from any of those pesky ready meals in the future.

Labels 101

Whilst cooking helps your kids to understand the nuts and bolts of a sustainable and varied diet, picking the right ingredients in the first place is super important. To amp up the excitement, get your little ones to choose a recipe and make a shopping list packed with healthy ingredients. When you’re in the shop, make sure to take a look at the labels with your tot and help them get to grips what’s in what.

Game time

Pull up your socks and get ready - it’s time to find your kid’s new favourite sport! Whether it’s athletics, football or cycling on a Trunki folding bike, sports are a great way to make exercising even more fun. Have a look round at some local toddler sports clubs and get your little ones involved in some games to see which ones they enjoy the most. Who knows - you could have the next David Beckham or Lucy Bronze on your hands.

Open up

While we all understand the importance of physical health, mental wellbeing has just as big a part to play in your tot’s future. Engaging in small nightly chats with your little one about how they’re feeling is a great starting point. The more aware they are from a young age about the importance of their own mental health, the more they’ll be able to open up about it when they’re older.

It can be way too easy to get lazy when it comes to your own and your tot’s health. Make sure to keep them engaged with food, exercise and talking about their problems to give them the best chance of a truly healthy life.

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