ToddlePak: Tried & Tested!

Are you undecided on whether reins are right for your little one? Few parents would disagree that there are at least some times they come in useful. When your little one is lunging at the priceless porcelain at the art gallery perhaps. Or when you’re on holiday and thought it would be a good idea to go for a coastal walk only to realise excited toddlers and clifftops aren’t the most relaxing combination!

We sent ToddlePak to some parent bloggers to try out with their children, from new walkers to older toddlers. Here’s a round-up of how they got on…

Mummy Lala

“I never really liked the idea of reins but I can completely understand why parents use them now!

“The ToddlePak comes with a multi-functioning set of reins, you can either use them as a shorter training rein for those first steps or as longer leading reins for more confident walkers. They are really easy for an adult to clip them on and take them off again when they aren’t required. Rowan enjoyed toddling around the park at the end of our walk with his ToddlePak on without the reins attached.

“Rowan can be a little unsteady on his feet but using a combination of the training and leading reins we were able to keep him supported and upright (averting him from face-planting into a puddle) and you can switch between the two very quickly.

“We loved trying out the ToddlePak and have used them almost daily since receiving them. I would highly recommend them to all parents with toddlers. They really do make you feel more confident whilst out and about, it gives you added reassurance that you toddler won’t be able to run off.”

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Life Unexpected

“Living by the sea and in the countryside littered with streams and rivers, we would be crazy to go anywhere without reins.

“The ToddlePak really is incredible. They’re labelled ‘fuss-free toddler reins’ and I can honestly say they are. In fact, they are honestly the best reins we’ve ever tried and we’ve certainly tested out a fair few.

“A great thing about the ToddlePak is that it pulls from the chest, not the shoulders which means zero discomfort for your toddler and 100% reassurance for you. They also feel a lot more secure than any other reins we’ve tried.”

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Sophie, Ella & Me

“They seemed very comfortable and are easily adjusted making them a secure fit. It is also made from a breathable material, allowing [Sophie] to move freely and, like the PaddlePak, it also has reflective details for extra visibility.

“The ToddlePak gave us peace of mind, knowing she couldn’t run off. They are fun and there a a variety of designs to choose from – but they are practical too. The recommended age is 6 – 48 months and they are very reasonably priced at £17.99. I would definitely recommend both items if you have a young child.”

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Mum in Brum

“The ToddlePak is a stylish and fuss-free alternative to traditional reigns. It has two attachments – the training rein for toddlers who are just finding their feet like Taylor, and a lead reign for when they’re a little older.

“As anyone with a toddler will know, it can take some time to get anywhere when they’re on their feet, so I took the buggy along with us for when we needed to get a bit of a move on! The feature I love most about the ToddlePak is that the reigns can be unclipped without having to take off the entire harness – perfect for when you’re getting your little one in and out of a buggy, or when it’s safe for them to have a little more freedom.”

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You can purchase the Trunki ToddlePak in a range of designs from our online shop.

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