Top Planning Tips For Travelling With Kids

We know that travelling with kids can be tough, but with many far-flung destinations opening their doors for family travel, it’s a great time to be a kid traveller. Not only are your young ones being exposed to the world, but they are also learning to embrace new cultures, foods and environments that only stand them in good stead for the future. Family travel is going to many places you wouldn’t think of a few years ago, from Asia, to South America to places in Africa.
That all being said, extra precautions and research does need to be taken when travelling with kids. Not only the packing side of things, but making sure your destination isn’t just suitable for your taste, but for them too. It’s not ideal for kids to be stuck in the middle of an off-the-beaten track destination or full of backpackers. Still, planning travelling with kids we understand takes some doing, so we thought we’d help you along your way. Get set, go!

Decide On A Place For Everyone

It’s important that there is value for everyone on which destination you choose. A good idea is to brainstorm with the kids, show them the options. Normally, kids are quite open to where they want to go, because for them it’s all new and exciting. It doesn’t have to be amazingly exotic or crazily expensive or even a place to keep up with travel trends. If it’s somewhere child friendly with activities but also good for food, scenery and culture for the adults, then you’re on to a winner!

Make Sure You Pack The Essentials

Nowadays, kids have all the gifts and the gadgets. Not only do they want entertainment from tablets, to comics, to toys, but also making sure they have convenient necessities too. Obviously, investing in one of our Trunki suitcases is the way to go as they remove the bore factor of packing and adding in the fun element, which is riding or wheeling their luggage themselves! Plus with a trunki, you can avoid checking in luggage for your kids, as they are eligible for carry on luggage that saves you money! Also, depending on the age, packing for a child can be like packing for two adults, with all the toiletries, clothes and extra necessities.

Get Good Travel Insurance

Make sure your travel insurance suits your family’s travel requirements. If you’re travelling with the kids, then you should seek out travel insurance that covers you for all the essentials, such as, cancellation, medical expenses, repatriation, personal possessions. Covered2Go can provide you with family travel insurance, for destinations worldwide, for both one-off trips or frequent family travellers.

Plan For The Flight Or Trip Ahead

If you are flying, try fly direct. It’ll be a lot easier to get your loved ones on one plane rather than boarding several. Also, board last, give the kids as much freedom as they want prior to sitting around on the plane. Another tip would be if you can get an overnight flight, choose that, as it’ll be easier for them to sleep. During journeys, kids are easily distracted so keeping them entertained is essential when you’re making your journeys to and from your destination. If you’re on a flight, do the major pre-checks such as toilet, entertainment ready (books, magazines, tablets, movies) and have eaten prior. Being on a flight and the kids are bored stiff isn’t just a pain for you, but for everyone else on the flight!

Whilst Holidaying

Keeping the kids entertained might be the case sometimes, but sometimes it’s great to give them a bit of freedom, depending on their age of course. They’ll soon wear themselves out for their afternoon nap. Be open with them whilst on holiday; ask them what they want to do so it gives them the option. Play around in the pool, or watch them trying to show you a new trick, attention to them keeps them happy. Too much sun can get them cranky, so maybe head out early morning or late afternoon to benefit all. You’ll have a full on, relaxing and exciting holiday, so try to relax and enjoy it all!



Written & Provided by our friends at Covered2Go!
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