Top Tips for Flying With Kids

Do you remember your first flight? The excitement of take off and landing, collecting the bags and maybe getting a stamp in your passport. Going on holiday with kids is a magical time. But there’s also a lot of waiting, queueing and sitting -  three things that tots are not so hot on doing. So here are our top tips for flying with kids to make a whole lot more fun.

Know what to expect when flying with kids

Whether you’re heading off long haul to a tropical beach or nipping over the channel, if you know what to expect in advance then you’ll be prepared. Flying with kids can be a lot of fun. They have bundles of excitement about the plane, the snacks and the holiday at the end of it.

Your job for the duration of the flight is to direct that excitement at anything and everything so they don’t get bored. Forget about anything you might want to do on the flight, such as read or watch a film. And definitely don’t expect them to sleep.

Pack your Trunki with activities 

Flying with Trunki
Most airlines accept Trunki as hand luggage (although do make sure to check with your airline before you fly). The best thing to do is pack your Trunki with as many activities as you can fit. Crafts, crayons, play dough, books and magazines - in they all go.

A top tip from mums and flight attendants is to wrap up your toys and activities in wrapping paper. This adds and extra layer of activity for your kid and they get the joy of unwrapping before playing.

Our TeeBee is perfect for flights. It fits into your Trunki, has lots of little compartments and also gives them a play tray to use on the plane. Perfect for taking any Lego, beads, or small world characters.

Plus your little one can use the Trunki to scoot through the airport when making their way to the departure gate and are guaranteed to have a seat while they wait to board. 

Take all the snacks

However many snack you think you might need - take more. Keeping your kids topped up with food will keep their hands busy for a few moments and stop any risk of them getting hangry while on the flight or in a queue.

Keep a few special treats hidden in case you need some extra motivation or rewards for travelling well.

Tot up the travel games

A pack of cards can go a long way on a flight. A game of snap, pairs or for older kids, crazy eights can help pass the time. Other traditional games work well, such as Eye Spy, First To See and 20 Questions. Grabbing a travel set of games such as snakes and ladders will also keep them busy.

If in doubt, download all their favourite games and TV shows onto your tablet or phone before you set off. Don’t forget the headphones!

Keep a few secret games, snacks and activities in your bag so that they don’t go through everything in the first 20 minutes and you’re all out of ideas of what to do for the next couple of hours.

Take a walk

Kids hate sitting still and who can blame them? You might need to dodge the trolley going up and down the aisle but you can still take them for a little walk around the plane. 

This is especially helpful if you’re travelling with a toddler. They like to be on the move.

Get them to count the steps between their seat and the toilet. Or make up stories about where the other passengers might be going such as the women in seat 3C is a spy heading out on a secret mission.

Early boarding

While it’s tempting to limit your time on the plane as much as possible, early boarding give you the chance to load up your overhead locker before everyone else gets on. It also gives you a chance to dig out any activities you need to keep your little one occupied during take off when they can’t use a tablet.

Flying With Kids

Flying with kids can be a lot of fun and you get the reward of a holiday at the end. A bit of planning and a lot of snacks will see you through it. Make the most of your baggage allowance, check you can carry everything, and have fun playing with your little ones on the first day of your holiday.

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