Travel Tales: How to create a holiday diary to remember with your globetrotting tots!

The memories that you make on family holidays last a lifetime. What better way to make sure that you can recall all the details than by making a holiday diary with your kids! 

Getting the right materials

Photos, photos, photos

Photos are the most-prized holiday diary material of them all, so take as many as you can. There’s plenty of great opportunities for you to take a good shot on holiday but make sure to include your little one too. Get them a disposable waterproof camera and let them snap away. Allowing your kid to take photos will give you their perspective on the holiday.   

Great additions

There are no limits to the things you can put into a holiday scrapbook - the more varied, the better! Here are some of our recommended additions:

  • Tickets such as theatre tickets, zoo tickets, train tickets, plane tickets - any kind you like. 
  • Maps from the zoo, from the area or country.
  • Spare change - there’s always stowaway pennies that end up coming back home.
  • Something natural like a pinch of sand from the beach, a flower and a leaf will all do.

Record memorable moments 

Make sure you take a notebook with you to get down the moments that can’t be captured on a camera. Maybe you and your little one can sit down in the evening after dinner and write things down together. Maybe there’s a funny conversation at lunch or there’s a daft moment that they want to capture. Notebooks are a great way of capturing the little moments.



Putting it all together

Revel in randomness 

Once you’re back home on the floor, with the glue, scissors and pens out, it’s time to let your creativity run wild. The only rule to this putting your holiday diary together is that there are no rules. It doesn’t matter if it’s in order or if a photo’s cut up and glued back in pieces on different pages - the holiday diary is all about recording your little globetrotter’s experience!

Creating a holiday diary with your family is the perfect way to make the memories of your trip last forever. It’s such a great way to be creative with your child whilst adding a level of appreciation for the opportunity to go on holiday. So, get snapping, writing, glueing and sticking.

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