A Guide To Flying With Your Children

Travelling to another country is a stressful process, setting alarms for early wake ups along with rushing around a busy airport can be tough, and adding children to the process simply makes it harder. Naturally, it all becomes worth it as soon as you're in the hotel ready to watch your children have fun in the pool, but before then, some strategic planning needs to occur before heading to the airport. Here’s a look at the travel essentials to take when travelling with your young children.

Introduce Them To Planes

Getting on a plane and flying can be a pretty daunting idea to a young child, so watching planes fly on TV and in the airport before you take off will make it much easier for your children to understand before you set off on your holiday. Watching the planes will avoid your children getting upset and explaining how the aeroplane will speed up to take off, will also help during the flight. 

Comfort Is Key

A lot of children find the early wake-up and wondering around the airport very tiring, and the flight might be the perfect time for your children to rest and get their energy back. Buying a travelling pillow, blanket and headphones will help your child sleep comfortably, and they shouldn't be disturbed by the noise or any discomfort.


If you’re happy for your children to use tablets, it’s the perfect way to keep them entertained during a long-haul flight. Downloading some new games or some educational tools will exercise their brains, and they’ll be less likely to get frustrated with sitting in the same spot for hours.

For any parents who try and avoid prolonged interaction with tablets, a fun magazine from the airport and a list of games you can play during the flight can work just as well. 

Take Snacks They’re Familiar With

Although every flight offers a variety of snacks and meals for you to choose from, a child's stomach might get upset during the flight, and it’s best to give them something you know they’ll enjoy. This can be a really important factor if it is a long-haul flight, although if it isn’t too late, choosing a close destination for your child’s first holiday will help ease them into the experience of flying.

Always remember to get your children excited about where they are about to travel to. If they get upset at any point due to noise, turbulence or anything else, you can remind them of all the things they will do on holiday. Even taking the brochure or having pictures on your phone to show your children will distract them from whatever is upsetting them.

Every child's first experience on a flight is unpredictable and you might think they are old enough not to be scared, but it's best to be safe and take some distractions to help them to be relaxed during the flight. You could even get them excited with a personalised suitcase, if they’re not excited in the airport, they’ll definitely be excited during the flight! 

Written & provided by our friend Sophie Lodge!

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