Trixie Trunki Helps Jessica With Her Charity Walk!

Last year we told you about our friend Jessica (8 years old), and her friend, Trixie Trunki, who helps her get out and about by carrying her oxygen tank. You can read the post by clicking here.

We were thrilled to find out that Jessica recently completed a 1-mile walk to raise money for the 100,000 Smiles Appeal at her school. This is a huge accomplishment for Jessica, who has Cerebral Palsy and chronic lung disease, meaning she is dependent on an oxygen supply 24/7.

Last year the charity Cerebra modified a Trunki so that it could carry Jessica’s oxygen cylinder. This means that she is now able to walk around independently with her Trunki, and no longer needs an adult by her side carrying her oxygen cylinder. This has made a huge difference to her life, allowing her to do normal every-day things like any other child, and taking on charity walkathons!

Money raised at the school’s fete, the walkathon and from generous donations have now topped £5,000, which will go towards a play area at the children’s school at Lexon Springs.


Thanks to the Daily Gazette for providing some of this information- read more here

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