Trunki Cakes!

Last weekend we had the best surprise ever when a lovely lady presented us with this amazing Gruffalo Trunki cake! She brought it along to our stand at the Harrogate Nursery Fair and insisted that we gobble it all up. So we did…


We marvelled at the cake for about 2 and a half days but it’s no secret that the Trunki Team have a sweet tooth, so eventually we dug in! Yummy :o)

Here’s another Trunki cake that was made a while ago. It’s a Frieda the cow Trunki, who’s now currently enjoying retirement in her favourite field.

If you ever feel like making a Trunki cake, please do send in your photo, or the cake…we promise to take care of it ;o) In return we’ll send you a goodie bag of treats. 


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