Trunki Fights The Fakes!

Last week we found out that we’d won our case against PMS who produced a copy of our protected Trunki design. The High Court ruled that the ‘Kiddee Case’ breached our design rights.


Despite not having patent protection, Trunki was considered to represent a substantial departure from ‘what had been known before’, giving it broader protection. The legal case was won on three counts:

Registered community design filed in 2003,
Unregistered design on aspects of the design, and
Copyright in aspects of the packaging.

The ruling allows us to take out an injuction, blocking the sale of the Kiddee Case throughout Europe and forcing PMS to destroy any remaining stock. The company will also be working towards the withdrawal of the product from all retailers.

Trunki creator Rob Law: “It’s taken us five months to resolve this since first seeing the Kiddee Case at Nuremberg Toy Fair earlier this year. The final judgement is a real win for the creative industries, people who put time and effort into innovating and creating new products should not have their ideas ripped off by lazy organisations that piggyback on pioneering work.”


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