Trunki Finds Perfect Storage Solution For Bristol's Flamingo Chicks!

Trunki has donated 15 Trunki suitcases to Bristol’s first inclusive dance group, the Flamingo Chicks. The group offers weekly classes to children with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to explore movement and have fun with their friends. Children may have Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, be undergoing treatment for cancer or be wheelchair users and are aged between 5-8yrs.

We started off by sponsoring one of the Flamingo Chicks dance classes, but after hearing that some of the children struggle to carry heavy bags, we thought the pull along Trunki was the ideal, fun solution for transporting dance kits!

Trunki Transmitter Kath said: “We’re really pleased to support a local Bristol community group and we wanted to provide a solution for the children, who don’t have anywhere to store or transport their kit and Trunki was the perfect fit.”

Katherine Sparkes, founder of Flamingo Chicks adds, “Dance has so many wellbeing benefits – it promotes discipline, coordination, memory, flexibility, strength and stamina while building positive self-esteem and confidence.”

You can find more information on Flamingo Chicks at

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