Trunki Goes To The Zoo!

As you may already know, 50p from the sale of each animal SnooziHedz is donated to charity. The money raised by Leeroy the Lion is aptly donated to the Lions at London Zoo and yesterday we went to see how some of the money raised was being spent…

Dan, the Zoo Keeper had requested 2012’s cheque was spent on some scales for weighing the Lions. As you can imagine, weighing a Lion isn’t easy, they’re really heavy and don’t always cooperate!  To accurately weigh them, the zoo keepers had to build a large wooden plate on top of the scales which connects to a battery outside the enclosure that shows the weight. The lions can be lured onto the platform using meat, as you can see in the photo below!

The scales enable the keepers to monitor the Lions weight far more closely, and if they put on, or lose, a substantial amount of weight over a short time they’ll spot it much sooner and can make sure the animals get the care and attention they need. It was great for us to see how the money you’ve raised is being spent, and to see how much it means to the keepers too. :o)

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