Trunki Made For Me - Have A Look At Our Designs!

Did you know you can design your very own bespoke Trunki? Using our Made For Me tool you can design your own Trunki with over a billion different colour combinations and possibilities. 

There’s so much choice with Made For Me that pretty much every design is unique. There’s loads of fun to be had designing Trunkis for all the family. 

If you’re looking for a bit of design inspiration, we’ve shared below some of the designs the Trunki team have been cooking up. Let's have a look...


From our Operations Wizard
Trunki Made For Me     Bespoke Trunki Suitcases - Made For Me

Our Operations Wizard came up with these fun red & blue designs, keeping quite a consistent theme of bold colours!
Made For Me, The Trunki Customiser

He also came up with this classic design, does it remind you of anything? Batman might ring a bell (hehe).

From our Marketing Wizard

Trunki Made For Me    Customise Your Own Trunki
Our marketing Wizard went for two quite different designs, one sleek and simple, one bright and funky! 
With Made For Me you can also chose certain Zebra print colours as well!

From our Crew Commander

Our Crew Commander wen't for quite a specific design...

Trunki Made For Me

But it was for a specific reason - she wanted to match the colours of her pet budgie:

Trunki Made For Me

From our Communications Wizard

Our communications wizard had a little help for her design, she asked her young son to give her a hand and this is what they came up with:

The Trunki Customiser
Someone's a big fan of the colours blue and purple!

From our Graphics Genius

Trunki Made For Me   Made For Me, The Trunki Customiser 

Our Graphics Genius went for some coordinated sleek designs as well, focused around Blue, Yellow and Grey. 

Trunki Made For Me

So there you have it - a collection of Made For Me designs from the Trunki team! Why don't you jump on our Made For Me tool to see what fun and unique designs you can come up with? 

Made For Me produces unique, bespoke Trunki suitcases that are made to order. As with all our other Trunki suitcases, Made For Me designs come with a 5 year guarantee, as we just that confident in their quality! 

Share your Made For Me designs using #Trunki or #TrunkiM4M.

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