Trunki On Tour With Belmont Primary School!

Our Trunki cases aren’t just for travelling. They can be used in all kinds of interesting ways, (just check out our #101 uses gallery if you need some inspiration).

We love it when we hear stories of people getting creative with their Trunki characters, so when we were approached by Belmont Primary School about a new reading initiative for the children, we jumped at the chance to get involved and help them out!

Trunki on Tour…

It all started with a storytelling session at the National Forrest Adventure Farm. The children got to meet Julia Donaldson, author of the awesome Gruffalo stories the inspiration for our very own little Gruffalo Trunki. The class was so taken by the characters that the teachers decided to continue the theme back at school, filling a Gruffalo Trunki with books and touring it around the classrooms.

The children were super excited when the Gruffalo arrived, they couldn’t wait to read the books inside and the staff were so impressed by their eagerness they decided to extend the Trunki family to get the whole school involved in a weekly reading initiative. So we thought we’d help them out by sending them a few more Trunki friends…

The aim of having a family of Trunki cases is to promote the love of reading and get the kids enthusiastic about books. Each week a different Trunki will visit each class. As the project develops, children will also get to take the characters home for Trunki reading sleepovers to share the books with their families.

” Trunki on Tour has given new excitement to reading across the Infant classes. The Trunki suitcase was introduced at Belmont Primary School as a reading treasure box and classes can’t wait to have the Trunki visit their class with a range of books inside it. The Gruffalo design fitted so well with their Julia Donaldson work and the children constantly ask for Trunki to visit and bring them some new books to enjoy. ” Sue Walker – Headteacher Belmont Primary.

We thought it was a brilliant idea and we’ve already heard from the teachers at Belmont that the new Trunki family are proving extreemly popular with the kids. Here’s what little Archi, (age 8) had to say, “Every day people ask: can we get the Trunki to read, but sometimes we have to share it with other classes. Sometimes I don’t like to read at all, but when I have the Trunki I read a lot and I absolutely love the books”.

Do you have any creative uses for our Trunki products? We’d love you to share your stories! :-)

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