Trunki PaddlePak Beach Adventures!

Despite the fact that the last days of August are almost upon us, we’re refusing to believe that summer is over! It’s a bank holiday this weekend and come rain or shine, a trip to the seaside is a great way to keep the kids entertained.

One thing we don’t like about the beach though is sandy sandwiches! Those pesky particles seem to get everywhere, especially when you’ve got kids running about. So this week we’ve teamed up with the lovely folk at C-gear, inventors of the magical sand-free matt (yes it really is MAGIC!), to offer you a little something to keep the sand at bay.

We sent one of our favourite bloggers, Aby Moore, off the the beach with her family, armed with their trusty PaddlePack and magic matt to see how they got on. You can also win your very own beach bundle worth nearly £100 including a C-gear matt, PaddlePak and more beach goodies over on the You Baby Me Mummy blog now!


A couple of weekends ago we went to the beach. I have mentioned before that, as a family, we adore visiting the beach come rain or shine. I personally prefer the wildness of the beach in winter.

Although I love the beach, one thing that drives me insane is the fact that sand gets everywhere. You sit down to get the sand off your feet and it goes all over your blanket and then gets everywhere again. On this trip we took our sand free mat from C-gear and it was a revelation, let me tell you! We also look along Baby’s new Trunki PaddlePak, for a child who loves collecting things, this splash-proof backpack is the perfect place for her to stash her loot and she does love a bag!


I really want to tell you about the blanket before I go any further, as its technology is quite brilliant. The rugs below had both been walked on with sandy feet, yet the sandfree mat was, well, sandfree. The fabric allows the sand to pass through down, but not back up. If you put a handful of sand onto the blanket and brush with your hand, you will see it disappear through the fabric like magic! It was brilliant.


Magical sand free matt!.


Baby’s PaddlePak, Jelly Fish Bag and Crab Purse.


We had a lovely time building sand castles, eating our picnic and paddling with Baby. She seems to have lost a little confidence about being in the water from last year, but she enjoyed paddling with Aunty J and being carried as they jumped the waves.


She adored her PaddlePak and ran around the beach to show it off!

Summer won’t last for too much longer and while it won’t mean that we stop going to the beach, our beach activities will change. Soon it will be walks and exploring, but for now I will make the most of watching our baby enjoy feeling the warmth on her skin.


We have a lovely prize package to give away over on the You Baby Me Mummy blog; a C-gear sand free blanket, a PaddlePak of your choice, a Jelly Fish Wash bag and Crab purse – Enter here to win! ;-)

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