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There comes a point in the life of any toddler when they want their own bag. Even though the chances are their ‘essentials’ for a day out are a few stones from the garden and a Sophie Giraffe, it’s important stuff for a little person.

Then when you start taking them swimming regularly or they start school a bag becomes essential. Preferably a waterproof one that can take a good amount of rough treatment. We like to think the Trunki PaddlePak is the perfect bag for all occasions – and not only is it water resistant and lightweight with reflective strips and adjustable shoulder straps, but it comes in a whole range of colourful characters so there’s bound to be one your child loves.

We sent a selection of bloggers a PaddlePak to try out with their children. Here’s what they said:

Dear Little Daisy

“It’s the little features of this bag that really impressed us. It seems like so much thought and detail has gone into producing the PaddlePak that it really works in favour of it’s success. We love the roll-to-close fastening at the top of the bag. This creates a water tight seal preventing anything wet getting in or out of the bag. This can be sealed shut with a breakaway safety buckle which allows a quick release if need be.

On the tail of the bag there is a little external pocket with a chunky zip – I thought this was a really cute little feature. It’s not a large pocket but it’s a cute idea to store something small in. There’s also a grip for goggles/sunglasses (very handy for this sunglasses obsessed toddler of mine), reflective strips for increased visibility and mesh pockets.

“The RRP is £19.99 and we’d easily say it’s well worth the money. It’s a bag that’s durable, will last long and grow easily with your toddler. It’s definitely value for money and you’re spoilt for choice with the different characters to chose from. Thanks Trunki, Flo the fish will be coming on lots more adventures with us!”

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Mummy’s Blog

“The Paddlepak is a fun, water resistant backpack and comes in a range of fantastic designs.

“It is reassuring that the bag is incredibly lightweight – in fact it weighs virtually nothing – but you can see from the picture above where it looks like the frog is about to swallow her, that it has a really large capacity! The closure of the bag is really unique too – it rolls down and then the sides clip together – not something I’ve seen before.

“Bear loved wearing her ‘froggy bag’ and kept it on for most of the morning. It has padded straps and I assume it must have been comfortable for her, because she tends to be very vocal when she doesn’t like something, so would no doubt have told me if it wasn’t! We went to feed the ducks (although a huge swan got in there first) and then headed to the park. We had planned a little mini picnic with our fruit, but it started to rain, so we decided to wait until later in the day. Despite the rain, the contents of the bag stayed nice and dry.”

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Lylia Rose

“How awesome is this ‘swimming’ bag by Trunki? I was super excited to show Bella when it arrived and she immediately wanted to use it. That evening she was off to Nana’s for a sleepover, so we moved her staying over gear from her usual backpack to Coral the tropical fish! I wasn’t sure it would fit, but we managed to pack in a spare set of clothes, pyjamas, her two favourite teddies (smallish ones) and a toy car! It filled out even more when packed and looked amazingly fish like as she ran around the house not wanting to take Coral off!

It’s so fabulous how it puffs out like a fish when on the back. I’m not sure who loves it more, Bella or me! I say ‘swimming’ bag as although Coral is designed for pool and beach days, with its fabulous water resistant material, it also has a multitude of other uses as a handy kids backpack. The waterproof material would also be appreciated for any outings in this country as you never know when you’ll get stuck in some rain!”

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Birds and Lilies

“The Trunki PaddlePaks have some great features, such as the roll-top closure which makes a water tight seal, adjustable shoulder straps, so it can grow with your child and last you longer, an external tail pocket with a chunky zip so little hands can open it themselves (Ava loves things like this – being able to keep a little toy in there and getting it out herself). It has a mesh back for a comfy, breathable fit as well as reflective strips for increased visibility. It also has an internal dry pocket to keep little things dry.

“The medium Trunki PaddlePak costs £19.99, which I think is a really good price for a bag that you can use as a swim bag as well as for every day, that is comfortable for kids (a huge plus!) as well as looking really fun.”

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Wave to Mummy

“Our swimming bag is PaddlePak, a new water resistant bag from Trunki. My daughter loves her new fishy bag – and what’s not to love? Brightly coloured, cute designs ranging from frogs to octopi, and comfortable to wear with the padded back and straps.

“And mummy loves it too, as it keeps the water out, and water in (important with post-swim soggy towels!) and ensures she is not the only Sherpa around…”

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