Trunki’s A to Z Of Travel: A Is For Airplane

I-spy with my little eye, something beginning with…A.

Can you guess what it is? An airplane of course! The letter A even looks a little like a plane - with its aerodynamic symmetry and two little feet resting on the ground like wings about to take flight.

Here are our top tips for taking flight with the kids:

Get A Trunki

Whether your little globetrotter-in-training zooms through departures with Rocco the Racecar or prances along with Una the Unicorn, these little suitcases keep your little one busy vrooming this way and that while you wait for your gate to be announced. Ideal if there’s lots of queues on the horizon. Make sure you check the hand luggage allowance though as different airlines have different rules for what you’re allowed on board.

Make It An Adventure

Let your little one pack their own suitcase, and involve them in the whole process of flying from packing to landing. Help give them the skills to have their own adventures later in life - bit by bit.


Why not do some research before you travel so that you can teach your little one all about airplanes - what keeps them soaring sky high and how far around the world you’re going. Pack some facts into your noggin and make science fun by making it part of the travelling experience.

Come Prepared

Plan the fight in increments of time filled with varied activities so you never run out of things to do - from activity books to finger puppets, there are all sorts of bits and bobs that you can bring with you to keep the kids entertained for the flight. It’s not all fun and games, and make sure that you bring functional items too, whether it be wet wipes to keep your little ones clean or Calpol in case they start to feel queasy. And don’t forget to bring a comfy pillow in case they need a well earned nap on the plane. Snacks and drinks can make good (and yummy) distractions too. Nom!

Bring A Tablet

There’s plenty of intuitive learning apps out there aimed at little travelling tots. So grab your tablet to keep your little fliers out of trouble while you’re up in the air. Don’t forget to download apps in advance and make sure the device is on airplane mode during the flight.

Play Pretend

There’s never been a better time to play-pretend pilots than when you’re in the air. Get your little ones to spend your time in-situ pretending they’re pilots on a mission - all from the comfort of their seats!

Spend A Penny

When you’re mid-flight, it makes sense to regularly ask your little travellers if they need to go to the loo, and take them whether or not they think they do. If ever there’s a time you don’t want accidents it’s now!

And, of course, don’t forget to relax - this is the very start of your holiday too! Ready for take off? 3…2…1…

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