Valentines Day Is Coming & Love Is In The Air!

Valentines day isn’t just about couples and romantic gestures, it’s a great excuse to show family and friends how much you appreciate them with a lovely homemade gift or hand crafted card.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, keeping things simple and personal is all part of the charm. We’ve hunted through some of our favourite websites to put together a fun little guide packed full of great ideas for you and the kids to try your hands at.

So why not grab some paper and scissors and give some of these cool ideas a go!

Melted crayon hearts…

If you’ve got kids, chances are you’ve got a box of old colouring crayons lying around your house somewhere. Why not try this fun little ‘science’ experiment and give them a brand new lease of life. Just place them into  a heart shaped muffin tray and pop them in the oven for 10 minutes… hey presto – you’ve got a batch of beautiful marbled hearts. Stick them to the front of a greetings card, pop them in a picture frame or just wrap them up as little token gifts to show your loved ones how much colour they bring into your life! ;-)

Finger print characters…

Finger print art is so easy to make and it brings a lovely personalised touch to any gift. Just draw in a face and some little arms and legs and you’ve got your very own unique design. Why not get the kids involved too and turn the whole family into miniature smudgy characters.

Loo roll love bug…

Everyone loves toilet roll crafts – fact! There are always empty loo rolls around the house, especially if you have a big family, so why not save some of them up and give this awesome love bug tutorial a try for Valentines day.

Googly eye card…

Try creating one of these cute mini googly eye cards, they’re super quick and easy to make and you can make a few to hand out to all your favourite people.


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