Veggies with Verve: The best plant-based meals to cook with your kids

If there’s one recent trend that’s worth taking up as a family, it’s trying to eat more plant-based meals. Vegetarian diets are great for your health and even better for the planet. Getting your kids in the kitchen to cook some plant-based meals helps them to learn about their food and why it matters. Here are the best plant-based meals to cook with your kids.

Mac (Greens) n Cheese

Naughty but nice - mac (greens) n cheese is the best of both worlds, especially if your kids aren’t the best at eating their vegetables. The creamy cheesy sauce makes everything taste delicious, so the greens can go undetected. We recommend a mix of broccoli and peas for this dinnertime classic!    

Super Salad

Quick, simple and nutritious - salads are a great way to get your kids into plant-based eating. Make sure to pick out lots of the ‘yummier’ veggies to make it easy eating for your kids - carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and sweetcorn are all great choices to help sweeten the deal. Also, there’s a lot less work involved with preparing a salad, so your kids can really get involved in the kitchen. Why not try making this the night before and organising into Trunki’s kid snack pots for a healthy pack lunch?

Veggie Burritos

Veggie burritos are the perfect way to pack loads of goodness into one meal - we say go for a rainbow approach and try to get as many colourful veggies in as possible. Butternut squash, red pepper, sweetcorn, black beans, spinach and rice are just a few of the delicious veggies that are perfect for burritos. Make sure to have your kids help to cut all of those vegetables - it’s super fun and less work for you! Plus, the leftovers are perfect to pack away into our children’s lunch bags and have the next day at school! 

Veggie Pizza

The ultimate veggie meal to cook with your kids is the veggie pizza - no matter what your kids’ preferences or dietary requirements, you can make a pizza that works for them. Simply buy a pre-made pizza base, some pizza sauce, grated cheese and get their favourite veggies to top it all off. You’ll have a blast in the kitchen making pizza with your kids - and the face of amazement when the pizza comes out of the oven makes it even more worthwhile.

It’s more important than ever that we incorporate more veggie meals into our diets. A great way to make sure that your children appreciate the importance of their food is to get them involved in the kitchen. Follow our veggie meals with your little chefs to bring together great food with great memories.  

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