We Found 101 Awesome Ways To Use A Trunki!

A short time ago, we set our followers a challenge, to help us find 101 creative uses for a Trunki case. We’d heard loads of stories from families who were using their cases in all kinds of imaginative ways, from a Barbie paddling pool to a monster that guards their house at night.

We wanted to prove that Trunki is WAY MORE than just a ride-on suitcase for airports and family trips, so we asked people to send in photos of how Trunki is used in their home. We received hundreds of brilliant ideas; from a foot-bath to a potty training stool, a lucky dip box, a sandpit and even a rabbit bed.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who submitted a photo and helped us reach our 101 goal. The full list of #Trunki101 winners is up on our Pinterest Gallery. If you have a Trunki case and you’d like a spot of inspiration for how you can use it all year round, check it out now!

Here’s a little glimpse at just a handful of our favourites…

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