What is a Trunki?

If you haven’t added a Trunki to your tot’s travelling checklist, you’re missing out. Each of our suitcases is a lightweight, durable and fun addition to any family trip. Want to learn more about Trunki? We’ve answered some FAQs to help you get to the heart of what we’re all about. 

What is a Trunki?

Trunkis are ride-on suitcases for kids which can be packed, ridden and towed. They’re perfect for holidays, home-stays and weekends away and are the ultimate travel companion for any tot. Big, small or somewhere in between? Each of our Trunkis is designed to be hand luggage, so kids can keep all their possessions in check while travelling to their next adventure. 

Are Trunkis worth the money?

Trunkis aren’t like other suitcases. Made in the UK with a 5-year guarantee, there’s no doubt that you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Each Trunki is packed with a variety of useful features, including horn grips for steering, a comfy saddle and teddy bear seatbelts. With award-winning design and thousands of 5 star reviews, we’re not the only ones who think it’s worth the money.

Is Trunki hand luggage?

Yes - Trunkis are hand luggage. When designing our Trunkis, we knew that versatility was at the top of any parent’s priority lists. That’s why our suitcases are big enough to pack all of your tot’s books, clothes and toys, as well as fitting comfortably in an aeroplane’s overhead lockers.

What age is a Trunki suitable for?
With a maximum weight of 50kg, Trunki ride-on suitcases are perfect for kids from the age of 3 years old. That means your tot’s little legs are just the right height to ride around safely and securely on their suitcases. 

Can Trunkis be taken onto a plane?

Trunkis were originally designed to be super suitable for air travel and they’re no different today. Your tot’s Trunki will fit nice and snug into a plane’s overhead lockers, meaning you can keep all those prized possessions close at hand. However, it’s still worth double-checking with your airline, as there may be luggage changes depending on your ticket.

How to attach a tail to unicorn Trunki?

Una the Unicorn’s tail sets her apart from any other Trunki. Fastening her colourful tail is easy - simply attach it to the hook, also used as the strap, on the inside of your Trunki and you’ll be good to go! If you want to check the Trunki in, simply detach the tail and pack it inside of the suitcase.

How much does a Trunki weigh?

Trunkis are specifically designed to be lightweight and weigh just 1.7kg (or 3.8 lb). This makes our suitcases great for overhead compartments, long or short distance travel and easy carrying. Giving your tots control of their luggage is even easier with such a lightweight suitcase.

How to open a Trunki suitcase?

Like everything else about Trunkis, we’ve made the opening and closing of our suitcases a piece of cake. To open a Trunki, simply pull up and pull back the locks that are on both sides and open up the suitcase to have access to the inside. Closing is exactly the same process in reverse. 

How much can you fit in a Trunki?

Is your tot desperate to take all their toys on the trip? Trunki’s have a depth capacity of 18 litres, perfect for fitting in all your kid’s bits and bobs. The inbuilt straps also keep everything nice and organised, so your suitcase doesn’t explode when opened up. 

Trunkis make travelling with kids that bit easier while adding a sprinkling of fun to your tot’s luggage. Still got questions? Send us an email today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your Trunki-related questions.
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