Winter Walks: How to make the most of a wintry walk with your kids

Wintry walks are one of the joys of the frosty festive season. Whether you’re puddle splashing or taking pictures, there’s plenty of ways for you and the kids to get the most out of your winter walks. To give you some inspiration, we’ve come up with five ways to make your winter walks even more exciting.

Puddle jumping

It’s time to grab those raincoats, wrap up warm and make peace with the drizzly British weather. Puddle jumping is heaps of fun and your kids will relish the chance to start splashing! Get everyone dressed up appropriately and you and the kids can spend an entire day jumping from puddle to puddle. Keep track of how many puddles you splashed in and try and beat the record next time!

Treasure hunt

Looking for woodland treasures is a brilliant way to get the kids engaged with the natural world. When you’re walking, encourage the little ones to keep an eye out for unique leaves, plants or pinecones. You could even create a scavenger hunt style ticklist with a delicious hot chocolate as the reward when you’re all home.

Wildlife watch

Spotting a deer in the woods is always a magical moment. But if you don’t keep your eyes open, those moments can easily slip by. Bring some small binoculars for your kids and try and spot some woodland creatures such as deer, hares and robins. You never know, you might be lucky enough to spot a fox!

Photography time

Bringing along a camera for your little one to snap some pictures can spark some creativity on your walk. Search for some squishy toadstools, gnarly trees and beautiful landscapes to help capture some memories that will last forever. When you get home, make sure to have a look through your reel and pick your favourites!

Crayon rubbing

Nature paper rubbings help kids understand and connect with the textures of the natural world. Take some paper and crayons along with you and stop at old tree trunks, golden leaves and different types of plants to capture the natural world in all its colourful glory. When you’re all back in the house, why not get the kids to add some drawings to their rubbings?

Remember - the most important part of your winter walks is to have fun. Be impulsive and make sure you and the kids are always looking for some new paths to take. Don’t let the weather put you down either - wrap up nice and warm and get out there for some winter fun with the kids! 

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