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Complete your tot’s travelling set with our Trunki bundle packs, filled to the brim with a variety of exciting options. By rounding up some of the most popular Trunki products into exclusive bundles, we’ve created some unbeatable savings on your kid’s travelling kit. Whether you’re looking for a cute Harley Ladybird or Tipu Tiger Trunki, the mix and match Trunki bundle box allows you to add on some extra goodies to your kid’s luggage.

After you’ve chosen the right suitcase, our bundles will allow your kids to pick out their other Trunki favourites. This could include a colourful Trunki Toddlepak backpack, perfect for storing lunch on those outdoor adventures. It doesn’t stop there either - bundles could also include a Trunki sticker pack to help make your tot’s bags that bit more personal. Explore our bundles today and save on some extra Trunki travelling kit.

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