A Guide To Moving Into Your New Family Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for you and your family – it’s a fresh chapter in your lives and a chance to explore your new surroundings.

Your little ones will love the adventure of moving and, to ensure mum and dad enjoy and stay relaxed too, leading home builder Miller Homes has some tips to help make a smooth move.

Organise In Advance

Don’t leave all your packing until the last minute; as soon as the contracts have been signed and you have a completion date, it’s time to get organised. It’s worth collecting boxes and packaging beforehand as they can be expensive to buy, and friends and family may have some lying around that they no longer need.

Moving is also a great chance to have a good old spring clean. Get the family together and go through all the cupboards and wardrobes, recycling anything you no longer need or donating to charity. If you haven’t used it in your old house, chances are you won’t use it in your new home either.

It’s also a chance to relive memories from your children’s younger days, as you sort through old toys and books, revisit past school work and pore through your holiday albums. The promise of new toys and games to replace old ones can also be an added incentive to stop the hoarding! 

You could use one of our Trunki suitcases to help organise your little ones important belongings, so they have everything in one place while the moving chaos is underway... If Mr. Teddy is close and safe your tot will feel much more comfortable during the upheaval!  

Create A Moving Checklist

To ensure your older children feel involved, let them create their own checklist of things that will be important to them both before and after the move, such as saying goodbye to their school friends or finding a new local sports group to join. Giving them some responsibility should make the process run that bit more smoothly. For your younger children, why not let them decorate their own moving box; it will give them a sense of ownership ahead of the big move.

Pack Room By Room

Let’s be honest, packing isn’t the most exciting activity in the world, but it needs to be done. Non-essential items like candles or picture frames can be packed first and stored in the garage, while things you need every day can be packed last. As the moving day gets closer, organise possessions according to room (bedroom, study and so on) and label every box so you can place it in the right room straight away. It’s much easier than unloading everything in the living room and carrying it elsewhere later on.

While many children find moving exciting, they may also be a little anxious. Give them plenty of reassurance about the exciting times that lie ahead to make sure the experience is fun and encourage them to fill a small box or suitcase which they can open as soon as they get into the house. Include anything that reminds them of home, like their favourite teddy, books or blanket, to keep them entertained and provide comfort while you unpack! 

Time To Move

Of course, we all want move day to go without a hitch, whether you’re using a professional service or hiring a van and doing it yourselves. If it’s the latter, then preparation is key. As well as packing your possessions, start dismantling the furniture. Begin with spare beds before moving on to things you’ll still be using until moving day, like the sofa. Just make sure you know how to put anything you dismantle back together again afterwards!

First Steps In Your New Home

Don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbours’ doors and introduce yourself – everyone likes a friendly face in their street, and maybe your kids will find some new friends to play with while you continue the unpacking or decorating.

Whilst Miller Homes has come up with some great online guides to help homeowners get familiar with all the appliances in their new homes quickly and easily, using the oven will be the last thing on your mind after the big move. A quick bit of research will help you find your nearest, friendly local chip-shop or takeaway. There’s nothing quite like celebrating a successful house move than with some good old-fashioned fish and chips! 

Unpack In Waves

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nobody will expect your new home to be picture perfect straight away either. Relieve the stress by starting to unpack the rooms you use every day and then move on to the spare room and study. Getting the kids’ rooms ready first will help them settle into their new home quickly – and they’ll love getting all their toys out and finding new homes for them.

You can even encourage your little one’s sensory development, letting their imaginations run wild as they create playhouses, cars and rockets from the empty cardboard boxes or enjoy popping any of your leftover bubble wrap, under supervision of course.

And Finally... Celebrate!

You’ve just moved into your new home, so relax in style with a well-earned glass of fizz!

Written & Provided by our friends at Miller Homes! 


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