Do Different: The 3 Family Outings That You Haven't Discovered!

When you become a parent, your whole life becomes a routine! Repetition is great for making things function in a house dominated by the needs of your little ones, but it shouldn’t have to invade your free time! That’s why we’ve come up with three outings that are a little bit different to keep things fresh for fun family days out!

Go Castle Hunting

Whether your little ones are princesses or prince charming’s, they’re sure to love the fairy tale setting of a castle! The UK has plenty to offer – with over a 1,000 recorded in England alone! Each one has its own unique personality and activities to offer for a fantasy-filled family outing. Most of them provide specific activities and events for children in the holidays and half terms, so have a Google! You’re almost guaranteed to find a castle in your county, so get a map out and find one that your little knights and maidens fancy! We have a few recommendations to help you out! Herstmonceux Castle, in East Sussex, is a natural wonderland and has a number of theme gardens to wander round: the magic, butterfly and Elizabethan ones are our favourites! Warwick Castle, in Warwickshire is another sure -winner – it holds several history-themed spectacles, including jousting, falconry and medieval maze games, not to mention the castle, which is pretty impressive!

Don't forget, Herstmonceux Castle is a great place for family explorations, but if your little one is new to walking you might want to keep them close by with our ToddlePak's - Fuss-free, fast-fitting child reins to help tots find their feet! 

Go Wild In The Forest

Your family will love a day trip to the woods – naturally! Getting some time (and space) away from modern life is a great way of creating family bonds and de-stressing! Imagine you and your little tribe setting up your own fire, making food on the barbecue, and going for team explorations in the wild, and you’ll see that a forest trip is a perfect family-getaway! There’s plenty of ways to make the experience even better for your little ones by connecting with your own inner child! Go fairy hunting in the woods, or make fairy beds for the magical creatures to rest their pixie heads! Take your bikes (or hire some) for a great way to explore the woods in style – you can always take a picnic with you and stop off for a feast in the forest too! The slower pace and freedom that a trip out into nature can bring your whole family is a blessing just waiting for you and your little explorers!

Pin The Tail On The Map

For the spontaneous families out there, we’ve got a game to test your limits! Instead of making a specific plan for a family outing, print off a map of your area (county or region) and let a party game decide where you go! Put the map on the wall and blindfold your little ones, they’ll walk towards the map and decide the location randomly by placing a sticker on it. Then take the nearest point of interest to the sticker and you’re good to go! This is a fantastic way to create some excitement with the kids and literally treat the world as your oyster! This game of luck is great for family bonding, as you’ll have to work together to decide the best way to make fun wherever you end up! Sound spontaneous enough for your family? We’re glad to hear it – so get ready, get set and go!

Every family outing should be seen as a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your little ones and allow everyone to let their hair down! Breaking up the family routine by trying something different is a great way of getting closer and creating some great memories. Enjoy the options on this list and then get ready for more because out next ‘do different’ will have even more family outings for you to discover!


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