Do Different: The 3 Kinds Of Holiday Your Family Might Not Have Considered!

Life can often get in the way of quality time with the kids, which is what makes family holidays so important - they are the perfect time for you all to re-connect and have fun together. This list features some wonderfully wacky and intriguingly interactive holiday ideas to turn family time into a new batch of life-long memories. So, you’ll have to put the poolside daydream of soaking up the sun with a large drink in hand, on pause (sorry!) Here’s three kinds of holiday that might change the way you see family trips forever.

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Canal Family Trip through Scottish canals, Scotland (Scottish Lowlands)

Get your family canal crew together for a holiday on the water! You will be navigating your way through the picturesque countryside of the Scottish Lowlands on your way to quays, where you’ll stop off for a few days to explore! A canal family trip has a little bit of everything for everyone - you can have peaceful days on the canal embracing the nature around you, take on challenges together by navigating locks and swing bridges (it’s up you to assign captains and skippers!) and explore Edinburgh and/or Glasgow if you fancy being city-slickers for the day! If that’s not enough, then there’s also other top spots you can visit along the way, including some of Scotland’s best centres to try water sports, and natural landmarks like Argyll Forest waiting to be explored. After all that, you can have a relaxing sunset dinner on the canal boat (don’t worry you won’t need to book a table!) With all of that available to your family, it’ll be surprising if you ever want to head back to land! Ahoy!

Mercantour Family Walk with a donkey, France (Mercantour National Park)

Want to feel like a true band of travellers hiking across the mountains? Then get your gear bagged up and ready to go because this holiday is for you! What better way to see beautiful snow topped peaks, flower-filled meadows, and blue glacial lakes than to walk through them with a donkey. With a donkey? Yes, with a donkey! You’ll be assigned a donkey which carries some of your bags and acts as a personal furry companion for your treks. This holiday is designed to get your family back in touch with nature – you can take in the stunning scenery, swim in the lakes, and play with your loveable four-legged friend (they love the attention apparently!) Walking from inn to inn, you’ll stay each night of the trip with your French hosts eating homemade food and resting from the long and exciting day you’ve just had. This holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be your own little tribe making your way across the mountain paths of France. 

When you're not helping monkeys, the wildlife on offer in Kruger National Park will make your family's trip one to remember!

Family Volunteering with monkeys, South Africa (Kruger National Park)

If you’re looking to monkey around then look no further! Take your family off the beaten track and stay at this primate rehabilitation centre. You can work hands-on with baby baboons and monkeys, then spend the rest of the time on safari checking out the incredible wildlife of South Africa. This holiday will see you and your own little monkeys (!) helping this inspiring family-run project to help the 400 rescued primates at the site to prepare for re-release into the wild. This will involve preparing food, feeding, cleaning out enclosures, and monitoring the monkey and baboon’s re-integration into the wild. And for the really tiny furry friends it will even involve providing a comfy sleeping spot in your arms! (How cute is that?) When you’re not helping at the rehab centre, there’ll be time for unwinding and relaxing on the outside terrace or taking a dip in the on-site swimming pool. Ready to get wild? This monkey holiday might be the thing you’ve been looking for.

Ready to take the plunge and invest in a truly unique family holiday experience? If those three fantastic options don’t convince you, then nothing will! Remember family holidays are a precious time to re-connect with your little ones, and have fun as a family. The holidays on this list are designed to bring your family closer together with their unique and interactive activities. So, whether you’re destined to befriend a donkey on a walk across the French mountains, weave your way along the canals of Scotland, or monkey around at a centre in South Africa, you can be sure that your family will be having a blast making life-long memories together!  


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