Essential Tips To De-stress The Morning School Run!

We get it – morning school runs can be stressful. At times it seems that getting the kids fed, dressed and off to school with pack lunches in hand is the parenting equivalent of running a marathon with wellies on! Well, take a deep breath, take those metaphorical wellies off, and get ready to read. We’ve come up with a list of some essential tips will make that morning run a heck of a lot less stressful!

Make The Morning A Mission

Create a role-play scenario in which you and the kids are a team working together to complete the morning mission: this will help to keep your little ones engaged with getting ready and make everything so much easier! This can take many weird and wonderful versions, here’s some examples: you’re a group of space travellers that need to get to school in time to save the world, or you’re a crew of pirates that must sail away quickly with some pack-lunch treasure!

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Can’t Beat Them? Bribe Them!

This is a last resort, but every parent needs a plan Z every now and then! Positive rewarding can be a great way of helping your little tot learn the morning tasks that they need to do. So, get a jar and label it up with a reward: it could be a trip to the beach, going for an ice cream or getting a new toy. Then each time your kid does a morning task properly, they get to put a bead in the jar. When the jar is full of beads, they get the reward!

Create A Morning Song

You might not feel at your most musical first thing in the morning, but songs are a great way for your little ones to learn! Create a morning song for each thing that needs to be done: there can be a getting dressed song, an eat your breakfast song, and a get all your stuff ready for school song. We’re sure you can do a lot better, but here’s a little rhyme to get your musical mind going: “Getting dressed is the best, it helps us get ready and makes us fresh. Put your clothes on and you can’t go wrong, this is our morning getting dressed song!” (We did say that you could do better!)

Prep, Prep, Prep

Even when you think you’ve got everything sorted, there’s a last-minute to-do which can throw the whole morning machine out of works! This is why prepping as much as possible will help to keep the mornings organised and the school run less stressful. Here’s a few things we think are useful: freeze your kids pack lunches so you have a few ready for the week ahead, get the school outfit ready to go the night before, put yoghurt, berries and oats in bowls ready for a nutritious breakfast! So, there you have it – our essential tips to make the morning school run a walk in the park! There’s always going to be things that crop up last minute which can’t be helped. But if you start doing some of the things in our list, they’ll feel more like little hiccups than full-blown disasters! Remember, mornings set the tone for your little ones’ day and with a little bit of practice, you could make every start to the day a good one.


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