Get Your Little Explorer On Their Feet With These Fantastic Walking Tips!

Watching your little tot take their first steps is one of the proudest moments for any parent. It’s the moment they go from baby to toddler, and make the first big change in their lives. However, some little explorers take a little while longer to ‘get-up-and-go’ than others. To get your little one discovering the wonders of the world on their two feet, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help them out!

1) Sitting

This might sound like the opposite of walking but sitting is actually one of the most important steps in the walking process! When your little babs sits on their own without any support they are strengthening the muscles they’ll need to stand.

Top toddling tip: Playing stacking games with building blocks, or rolling a ball back and forth will help their cute little muscles get mean!

2) Crawling

The most important thing about crawling is for your little one to learn using their arms and legs at the same time (which is a struggle for parents too, at times!) These skills teach them the coordination they need to walk.

Top toddling tip: Create a crawling regime, where your baby crawls from one end of the room to the other, and praise them to encourage development.

3) Pulling Up

We’re sure that you often feel like a rag doll sometimes with your little one tugging at your legs! This pulling up motion is actually a great way for them to work on their balance and practice being in a standing position.

Top toddling tip: Encourage your little tot to pull themselves up and then show them how to bend their knees to sit down again. It will encourage standing and develop their leg muscles.

4) Supported Steps

When your little explorer begins to stand up, it’s a perfect time to help them try out their first steps. Supported walking encourages the action without the fear of falling: world on two feet is scary at first, you know!

Top toddling tip: Practice, practice and even more practice! The more you help them: the more brave they’ll be to try it alone!

Don't forget, if your little one is new to walking you might want to keep them close by with our ToddlePak's - Fuss-free, fast-fitting child reins to help tots find their feet! 

5) Standing Alone

Like lots of things in life, balance is key. When your little explorer can stand on their own without any support or help up, they are finally ready to take their first steps.

Top toddling tip: Create a balancing game where you encourage your little one on to their feet, count the seconds and cheer at the end!

6) The First Steps

The first steps are a precious parenting moment but they’re an even bigger achievement for your little walker!

Top toddling tip: Cheer like there’s no tomorrow! When the fall comes (and it will) immediately make it positive by praising and encouraging some more steps.

7) Walking

Walking takes a lot of getting up and falling down before you really get it sorted! Be patient and encourage them.

Top toddling tip: Try setting your little adventurer into a standing position rather than a sitting position as often as you can! This will encourage them to keep up their new walking skills!

Seeing your little tot learning to walk is one of the joys of parenting. There’s going to be a lot of ups and downs along the way: that means falling, tears and maybe even some ‘walking wounds’, but it’s all worth it when you see them exploring the world on their own two feet. Enjoy the moment though because once they’ve found their stride, they can be hard to keep a track of!


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