9 Packing Tips For Travelling With The Family!

On the one hand, packing is a blessing because it’s a sign you’re going away on a well-deserved holiday. On the other hand, packing is a curse because it’s overwhelming, especially when you’ve got a family’s-worth to get through! Well, stop stressing and take a deep breath, because we’ve got nine packing tips that will make everything a lot easier!

Forget Cross Fitness & Try Cross Packing

Put one set of backup clothes in each family members’ suitcase, to deal with a lost or forgotten luggage crisis! If you put an extra outfit and some clean underwear in your partner’s bag, for example, you’ve got something to wear whilst you find your luggage – crisis averted!

The T-Shirt Burrito Is A Tasty Tip To Help You Maximise The Space In Your Suitcase

Lie your t-shirt on a flat surface in front of you: fold in the right side so that the sleeve is in the middle of the t-shirt, then fold the sleeve back on itself, repeat with the left side, fold the neckline around an inch away from the hem, fold in half, then in half again so it can stand upright like a little clothes burrito! Trust us, it’s magic!

You’ve Got This In The Bag, If You Make A Bag System

Travelling as a family means bringing a lot of stuff with you, and it’s easy to end up frantically rummaging to remember where everything is! Group your stuff into assigned bags, here’s some examples: travel bag (passports, tickets, hotel info), tech bag (wires, chargers, headphones), health bag (hand-sanitiser, wipes, tissues, sun cream).

Take a look at our Trunki suitcase range if you want to assign your tot their own belongings - certainly one way to make them feel grown up on their travels! 

Going Paperless Is The Way Forward

Everything from boarding passes to travel itineraries can be digitally stored these days. Check with your travel provider(s) if they offer a boarding pass app! Tools like Evernote and Dropbox are great too!

Wear Heavy, Pack Light

This simple travelling tip is an oldie but a goodie! When travelling – wear your heaviest stuff, and pack your lightest. Coats? Worn. Hiking boots? On your feet. Sandals and Hawaiian shirts? Whack them in your bag. Simple.

Leave A Souvenir-Spot

This is another classic packing tip, but keep a spot in each suitcase for souvenirs. You’ll end up packing lighter and coming back heavier with all the great things to remember your holiday, which is the right way to do it, we think anyway!

Pack With Colour-Schemes

Forget packing outfits, this is the new best way to make sure you having everything you need without overpacking. It’s as simple as picking two colour schemes – that way everything goes with each other, which creates more outfits with less clothes!

Budget By Bringing Your Own Bottles

You spend money on bottled drinks from start to finish on holidays – motorway services, in the airport, at the destination, on day trips – it’s just one of those things! By packing refillable bottles, you can keep the family full of water without flushing your wallet!

Have a look at our EAT Range if you need a new bottle for your little one! 

Keep The Fun Afloat By Packing Inflatables

This last tip is short and sweet! Bringing inflatables like a beach ball and lilo, is the perfect way to pack toys that will be well used and not take up much room in the suitcase.

Next time you’re stressing over the daunting task of family packing, think of our list of packing tips and take a deep breath! From room savers and organisation hacks, to travel-savvy tips, we’ve got you covered to make stressful packing a thing of the past!


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