Where To Take The Kids This Summer

Now that the summer holidays have begun, keeping the little ones amused isn’t the easiest of tasks. Too many visits to the local park or playdates with family can start to feel a bit mundane; especially when you’ve got 6 weeks school-free to contend with. So, here’s a list of fantastic places to take the kids this summer:

Explore British Beaches

Ah, the great British summer. When it’s here to stay, it’s truly glorious. So make the most of it by packing up and heading to the coast with all the family. The great thing about living on this little island is the abundance of beaches we have access to! From the surfer’s paradise in Cornwall to the fun-filled arcades in Brighton, there is something to suit every family across the UK. If you’re having too much fun, then why not extend your daytrip into a long weekend? Seaside towns are famous for their outstanding B&B’s and reasonably priced hostel’s. 

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Exciting Theme Parks

Between Alton Towers, Legoland, Thorpe Park and Paulton’s Park – the UK has it covered when it comes to exhilarating theme parks for all the family. If you’ve just got the little ones, then places like Legoland and Paulton’s are ideal; with child friendly rides and activities to keep them entertained all day. For teenager’s and young adults; a trip to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park could be best. You can even spend the night in one of the many hotels at Alton Towers. For any Harry Potter fanatics; the newly opened Harry Potter World is a great adventure for all the family at the Warner Bros. Studios. 

Trip To The Zoo

Sometimes there’s no better family outing than a classic trip to a zoo. Chester zoo is one of the country’s most popular day trips, just a short drive from Manchester City Centre. This zoo spans approximately 125 acres with over 21,000 animals, so you can be guaranteed a fun-packed day with all the family. When you’re finished exploring the zoo there are plenty of places to eat in Manchester for a quick bite to eat after.

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Picnic In The Park

For a more budget-friendly day out alternative, when why not take a trip to a park? To make it feel like more of an adventure, take a drive to a park further afield. London has many popular places to enjoy the sun like Battersea Park and Hyde Park where there are also a range of activities on offer. Many parks with lakes have peddle boats which is great fun for the older kids. Bring a picnic with you and treat yourself afterwards to an ice-cream at the park café.

Educational Museums

Stimulate their minds with an educational museum experience that doesn’t have to be boring. The Science Museum in London is a popular place to bring the kids for a day of excitement and learning. With ever-changing exhibitions, you’re guaranteed a new experience every time you visit. Or if your children are budding historians, then why not visit Hampton Court Palace? A favourite of King Henry VIII. Explore the palace in a guided tour or browse the rooms at your leisure, then discover the incredible surrounding gardens.

Where Will Summer Take You?

With so many exciting new places to explore, you’re spoilt for choice for day trips with the family. From idyllic beaches in the West Country to educational days at the museum, there are plenty of options to discover that suit every family.

Written & provided by our friend Sophie Lodge!


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